Healers is a community of therapeutic practitioners with a common goal to share the wisdom and techniques of all holistic healing modalities, ranging from the ancient to the modern, and to improve the accessibility of these options to patients and to one another.
Why Healers?
Our magazine allows readers to familiarize themselves with the growing range of options available to them.
Our website allows patients to contact healers and discuss healing with one another.
Our well-informed readers are empowered to heal themselves and one another. 
Patient/Client Rates: 
Personal accounts are completely complimentary, now and forever, providing free educational materials and the ability to browse and book healers. 
Practitioner Rates: 
Healers who sign up for premium accounts are able to offer appointments directly on our site and pay a sliding-scale fee: the annual cost for a premium account is equivalent to your hourly rate. If you yourself offer sliding-scale pricing, simply approximate the average cost per hour. If you don’t obtain any new patients after a year, you’ll receive a full refund.